John Gibbins is now available for consultancy having taken retirement as
Director of Postgraduate Skills Development from Newcastle University from

All of the areas covered below come within his remit but the
following are current agenda issues of national and international concern
around which expertise is offered:

  • Policy making for Researcher Development and Capacity Building nationally
    and internationally
  • How to implement the Generic Skills Programme (Roberts) in your
  • Training the Trainers for Ethics in your profession ( having expertise
    with the police, social workers, counsellors, nurses, radiographers,
    supervisors, managers)
  • Research Ethics and Governance
  • Supervisor Training and Development
  • Networking
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Building Quality into your Research
  • Peer Reviews and Reviewing
  • Building Research Centres and Units

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John was the course leader for one of the first accredited Research Supervisors and Research Management Training courses in Britain. In 1997 a diploma, Certificate and Masters in Research Management was run at the University of Teesside. Three 10credit modules were also offered within several other masters programmes and became the generic skills training for researchers in the University. In 2004 john joined Newcastle University to manage the implementation of the Roberts Agenda for two of the three Faculties.

John has provided courses, workshops and training sessions in the fields of:

Research Supervisor Training and Development

Research Manager Training

Staff Development in Higher Education

Doctoral Student Development – disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and generic

Masters Student Training – MSc, MA, Mphil

Dissertation Preparation for Year three Bachelors Students

Professional Development in several professional fields including: social workers; nurses; the police, radiographers, academics, managers and research managers.

He has provided workshops, training services and plenary lectures to numerous organisations including UKGrad, UKCGE, and the Political Studies Association.

9.This has extended to the international scale with papers to the American Political Studies Association in Washington, College of Psychologists in Girona, the Swiss Government in Montreux and now the Serbian Government

John has offered workshops, training sessions, consultancy in the areas of:

1. Supervisor Training
2. University Staff Development
3. Doctoral discipline and generic skills development
4. Masters discipline and generic skills development
5. Final Year Dissertation planning and management
6. Professional Conduct and Ethics

The titles of workshops and courses he has managed are:

Research Ethics
Dissertation Preparation
Managing Your PhD
Nature of Inquiry and Explanation
Research Management
Finding Funding
Best Practice in Funding Applications
Collaborations and Partnerships
Skills for Social Research
Managing Research
Planning Your Research
Project Management
Research Supervision
Managing Your Supervisor
The Philosophy of Research
Research Policy, Funding Mechanisms & Ownership
Methods of Research Inquiry
Resources Management
Techniques of Research Presentation & Dissemination