The aim of this section is to provide a number of services that will aid those who may wish to research John Grote in the future. First there is a Bibliography of the works of John Grote and some libraries that hold original editions. Next there is a Resources section that will be updated with copies of new letters, references, images from contributor as they emerge. Third there will be an Image archive that will contain any digital images sent regarding any persons referred to in the book. Finally there is a Forum which will allow users to leave E mail messages for the author, and a Discussion Board section that allows users to log questions, answers or make points in a shared open space.Copyright on the John Grote book lies with the author and Imprint Academic and so there is a link to their website where they may host some of the textual materials that may come under copyright. Similarly the Wren Library host the Mayor Papers Catalogue and some material will remain posted on their web site. 

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