Compiled by Dr John R Gibbins for

[Square brackets denote where the rarer volumes can be found]

Grote, J., 1849 Commemoration Sermon, Cambridge. Deighton Bell & Co. [T.C 289 c85(1); Mayor C12/58

---- 1851 Remarks on a pamphlet by Mr Shilleto entitled "Thucydides or Grote'', Cambridge: Deighton, Macmillan & Co., [Mayor C12/59; Durham University Library].

---- 1854 'On the Dating of Ancient History', Journal of Classical and Sacred Philology, I, 52-82 [Glasgow University Library].

---- 1855 'On the Origin and Meaning of Roman Names'. Journal of Classical and Sacred Philology, II, 257-270 [Glasgow University Library].

---- 1856 'Old Studies and New'. Cambridge Essays, II, 74-114 London: John W. Parker & Son. [Durham University Library].

---- 1860 'Robert Leslie Ellis', The Athenaeum, 205-206.

---- 1861 A few Words of Criticism a propos of the Saturday Review of April 20, 1861, Upon Dr. Whewell's Platonic Dialogues for English Readers, Cambridge. Macmillan, 1-56 [Mayor C12/60; University of Aberdeen Library].

---- 1862a An Examination of some portions of Dr. Lushington's judgement in the cases of the Bishop of Salisbury v Williams, and Fendall v Wilson (re Essays and Reviews), Cambridge. Deighton, Bell & Co. 1-101 [Mayor C12/62; University of Aberdeen Library].

---- 1862b A Few Words on the New Education Code, Cambridge. Deighton Bell & Co. 1-48 [Mayor C12/61; Bristol University Educational Department Library].

---- 1865 Exploratio Philosophica: Rough Notes on Modern Intellectual Science, Part I, Cambridge. Deighton, Bell & Co. (Republished in 1900 with Part II by Cambridge University Press; Thoemmes, Bristol 1993).

---- 1867 'What is Materialism', Macmillan's Magazine, 15, 370-381.

---- 1870 An Examination of the Utilitarian Philosophy (edited by Joseph Bickersteth Mayor), Cambridge. Deighton, Bell & Co. (Re-published by Thoemmes 1990)

---- 1871a 'On a Future State', The Contemporary Review, 18, 133-140.

---- 1871b 'Thought versus Learning'. Good Words, 12, 818-823.

---- 1872a Sermons by the Late Rev. J. Grote, edited by Joseph Bickersteth Mayor, Cambridge. Deighton, Bell & Co. [Aberdeen University Library].

---- 1872b 'Memoir of (Robert) Leslie Ellis', Contemporary Review, 20, 56-71.

---- 1872c 'Papers on Glossology', Journal of Philology, 4, 55-66; 157-181 [Durham University Library].

---- 1874 'Papers on Glossology', Journal of Philology, 5, 153-182 [Durham University Library].

---- 1876 A Treatise on the Moral Ideals, (edited by Joseph Bickersteth Mayor), Cambridge. Deighton Bell & Co.

---- 1877 'Pascal and Montaigne', Contemporary Review, 30, 285-296.

---- 1889 'A Discussion between Professor Henry Sidgwick and the Late Professor John Grote on the Utilitarian Basis of Plato's Republic', The Classical Review, 3, 97-102.

---- 1900 Exploratio Philosophica, Part II (edited by Joseph Bickersteth Mayor) Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

--- 1990 An Examination of the Utilitarian Philosophy (edited by Joseph Bickersteth Mayor), reprinted by Thoemmes , Bristol

---- 1993 Exploratio Philosophica, Parts I &II (edited by Joseph Bickersteth Mayor) reprinted by Thoemmes, Bristol


There are bibliographies of all the known Grote mss and citations of Grote as follows in the book mss of John Grote, Cambridge University and the Development of Victorian Thought, Imprint Academic, 2007 written by John Gibbins pp 479-516..

There are four bibliographies

Part I Works by John Grote, with additional reference to original publisher and locations of rare texts.

Part II a) Manuscripts by John Grote
b) Manuscripts referring to John Grote

Part III Books, articles and thesis that make reference to John Grote

Part IV Books, articles, reviews and theses used in preparation of the book.